What Others are Saying….

Thank you for this nifty product!  I intend to use it to help map out my classes in the coming months.—-Sonya Kuropatwa, Atlanta, GA

                          With all of the information on the cards I yoga posescan learn about yoga while I am setting my sequence and then be free to enjoy the practice when it’s set and hanging in front of me.

—Robin Appel, Yoga Ed Instructor, NY


Perfect for what I am looking for as a brand new Registered Yoga Teacher.  Great way to plan a class. —Gerry Simpkins, South Hampton, NJ  yoga poses


My Yoga 2 Go not only provides a wonderful card based learning tool but the holder makes setting up a home practice a breeze.The color coded sequencing is a huge benefit for those who want a little extra guidance and support.

—Rachel Bower, instructor at Body in Balance Yoga Studio

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AMAZING…Cannot live without it!  This is an AMAZING Yoga System. A must have! Especially for beginners. This would be great for beginning teachers as well!
There are no drawbacks that I have found for this product, and that is unusual. Well worth every penny.

—M Scholl, Cleveland, OH (Amazon review)



eagle pose

Perhaps it’s my learning style, but these cards actually SPOKE TO ME on:

* How long to hold the poses
* Modifications
* Form
* Sequencing suggestions

Did I say how long to hold the poses? Do you realize most books don’t go over that, thinking you’ll get the CD, DVD, streamings, workshop or even classes from the master instructor who authored the book?
Well, guess what? This deck was authored by a yoga STUDENT, Beth Siegel, not a teacher with an agenda.
Namasté … and aren’t we all for sharing the wealth?

—-Gregarious 1, NYC, (Amazon review)yoga poses