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The My Yoga 2 Go Yoga cards included in both the Yoga Practice System and the Yoga Practice Deck contain a unique and easy to follow system of organizing the seven sequences by color and yoga pose cards by number. Just choose your sequence by color, pull the corresponding cards and arrange the cards by pose number. It’s that simple!!


The My Yoga 2 Go Practice Deck and System is the most comprehensive deck on the market, boasting a total of 71 posture cards.

It is also the only deck to include 7 different sequences, each labeled as follows:

Beginner Sequences;

  • Energize—Green—30 minutes
  • Relaxation—Teal—30 minutes
  • Flow—Orange—1 hour

Intermediate Sequences;

  • Core Strength—Blue—1 hour
  • Back Strength—Yellow—1 hour

Advanced Sequences;

  • Ashtanga—Red—1 hour, 15 minutes
  • Hip Opening—Pink—1 hour, 15 minutes

The Front of each Posture Card displays;

  • A full color photo of the posture
  • The color and pose number of any of its suggested sequences
  • Sanskrit name and English translation of the posture

The Back of each Posture Card includes;

  • The time to hold the pose and number of breaths
  • Step by Step detailed directions
  • Any Variations and / or Modifications of the pose
  • How to Deepen the pose
  • Benefits / Muscle groups associated with the pose

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