COMPANY HISTORYYoga practice at home

“Necessity is the mother of all invention,” or so the saying goes, this was certainly the case for Beth Siegel and the My Yoga 2 Go Practice System, created and developed for the purpose of helping fellow yogis with hectic lives get their yoga fix anytime, anywhere.

The My Yoga 2 Go website was launched in September 2007 selling only the Practice System and the company has since expanded its product line to include a wide array of yoga products; from accessories to jewelry to apparel. Currently the My Yoga 2 Go Practice System and My Yoga 2 Go Practice Deck are distributed to health food stores, luxury spas, yoga studios, and major bookstore chains across the country.

My Yoga 2 Go offers unique, quality products that inspire practice. The majority of products are manufactured by My Yoga 2 Go thereby maintaining exclusivity and adherence to the strictest of quality standards. Whether you are purchasing the My Yoga 2 Go Practice System, the My Yoga 2 Go Practice Deck, a yoga practice journal with data entries to track and record your progress, colorful fun yoga mat bags, embroidered yoga straps, Asana’s, or eclectic Sanskrit jewelry My Yoga 2 Go has an exclusive collection of gifts that entice individuals to express their inner yogi.


ABOUT THE FOUNDERMy Yoga 2 Go founder- Beth Siegel

Beth Siegel, a student of yoga since 1993, was trained in Flow Yoga at the Asheville Center for Yoga in 1998. She lives in Wilmington, North Carolina with her husband and 2 sons. Siegel has studied under such well respected yogis as; Stephanie Keach, Rod Stryker, Mary Dunn (B.K.S. Iyengar) and Mary Kay West. Siegel’s intense love of yoga, its principles and philosophy are the foundation of her life and company The Nomadic Yogi LLC.

In 2004, Siegel gave birth to her first son and realized the need for an at home practice. Siegel searched for a comprehensive deck of yoga cards and a device in which to display the cards, so that she could interchange the postures, keeping her practice fresh and challenging. I was not able to attend class on a regular basis after my son was born and because I favored certain poses I found myself doing the same sequences over and over, says Siegel this is when I purchased several decks of cards and combined them to get all of the poses I needed and would lay them on the floor. It was definitely not ideal, but it worked at the time. After Siegel’s son turned two, she started work designing a yoga practice system and a tote in which to house the cards and display her entire sequence so that she could remain in the moment, in the breath, yet continually challenge her practice on a daily basis. It was at this time that she gave birth to her second child, the My Yoga 2 Go Practice System. She continued to perfect the system and the tote. In September, 2007 the My Yoga 2 Go site was launched and MY2G products are now distributed to health food stores, luxury spas, yoga studios, and major bookstore chains across the country.

Siegel continues to grow and challenge her practice at home using the MY2G Practice System and to build her foundation and knowledge of yoga through participation in yoga retreats, conferences and workshops across the country.

There is no other yoga system that is more versatile, comprehensive and at the same time practical than the My Yoga 2 Go Practice System.